Falling water feature


A spectacular pool and water feature add a tranquil touch to this backyard

When you first feast your eyes on this pool, it is hard to look away from the spectacular water feature. The water cascades into a carefully placed wading pool, delicately adding serenity to the space.

Built by Artesian Pools and designed by the homeowners, this pool makes perfect use of all available space. At a convenient 9m x 4m with an additional wading pool, it offers just the right amount of space for family fun and exercise.

The water feature contains a Perspex window which runs along the front of the pool. A blower at the bottom of the window and strategically placed jets in the wading pool below guide the water elegantly from the main swimming pool into the wading pool.

To ensure the space is family friendly, the wading pool can be seen from any part of the backyard. This allows parents to easily supervise young children who are frolicking in the water.
Artesian Pools works with clients to achieve the look and finish that was envisaged. This ensures the final pool is functional and blends beautifully with the rest of the property. BH

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Originally in Best Homes, Volume 5

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