Roman-inspired pool design


With grand supporting arches to one side and natural sandstone on another, this pool area is reminiscent of majestic Roman baths

Converted natural surroundings, including unobstructed views of the harbour and magnificent existing sandstone walls, set the tone for the formation of this spectacular pool. The natural sandstone was excavated and smoothed to create walls on two sides of the pool area. The earthy hues and natural patterns in the sedimentary rock created the colour scheme and inspiration for the rest of the pool design.

The completed project is nothing short of majestic, featuring high ceilings and exceptional, ancient stone. Soft ambient lighting brings the area to life conjuring imagery of an expansive cave or historic Roman bath.

A large part of the brief was to highlight the natural stone and create an area which complements this unique feature. For two areas which required more stone than what was naturally present, Artesian Pools cleverly matched the existing stone with extra pieces which were then layered on the wall in brick sized blocks. Light coloured travertine coping has been laid around the pool to tie in with the existing stone walls without detracting attention from them.

Ideal for year-round entertaining, the pool is fully sheltered with one open wall exposing breathtaking harbour views. A stone fireplace and lounge area provide unique areas to sit in cooler weather and a lawn outside the cover is perfect for warmer days.

Gas heating has been installed to heat the pool and an Elite Hideaway pool cover was installed to minimise evaporation and heat loss. A unique pipe runs along the bench seat the entire length of the pool with multiple mini hot water jets that maintain the waters temperature and provide a spa like experience for swimmers wishing to sit on the seat and enjoy the harbour views.

The pool has been tiled in green Bisazza glass mosaic tile with gold highlights giving the pool an unobtrusive opulent glow. LED lights have been installed in the pool to illuminate it at night.

Whilst being simple in design, this pool is elegant and provides a timeless indoor and outdoor entertaining area for its owners. Seeming as if it was formed in ancient times in unison with the sedimentary stone, this pool plays tribute to Artesian Pools’ unprecedented ability to successfully follow a brief.


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Originally from Poolside Showcase Volume 19


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