water sports pool

A water sports pool to suit various needs


When a pool and spa project is described as “the Rolls Royce of pools”, you know you’re in for something spectacular. Thanks to its size and various elements, this multi-faceted project is certainly no exaggeration. “Due to its sheer size and quality, this is the Rolls Royce of pools — it includes everything you could do for a pool,” says Laurie Jacobson, director of Laurie Jacobson Pools.

For their vacant site, these owners, a large and busy family, requested a forever pool that would last as their family’s requirements change. It also had to suit their various needs, including a passion for water sports and daily lap swimming.

In the design and build of the project, there were specific measurements that Laurie needed to adhere to, such as creating the right shape and depth for the 10m x 5m pool to make it suitable for team water sports. Added for swimming and exercise, the lap section of the pool is 1.2m deep and an astounding 25m long. Meanwhile, for entertaining, there is a raised spa boasting a spill-over edge and boost pump system with plenty of jets. A pool house was also built between the tennis court and the new pool.

Water sports pool

“Overall, the project incorporates a very simplistic design that offers seamless integration between the house and pool house,” says Laurie. “Even the way it sits on the block with the pool house, it looks like it’s all meant to be. It’s the biggest project we have ever done and, despite COVID-19 restrictions that limited the number of people on site, it worked out spectacularly well. The client is ecstatic and it’s exactly how I envisaged it.”

Used year-round, the modern-classic pool and spa project features an almost commercial set-up, including two massive heaters and two filtration systems to cope with the 250,000 litres of pool water. Automation is provided by a Viron Connect 10 system. Multiple in-floor concealed Remco pool cover systems, in a brand-new limited-edition silver colour, effectively retain heat during the year. The covers are hidden away in pits inside the pool and rise up when their usage is required. Two 5m pool covers are used in the water sports pool, while the other 15m cover provides protection for the lap pool.

Laurie Jacobson, director of
Laurie Jacobson Pools, has more than 40 years of experience in the pool industry.
With a string of accolades, his name is widely known throughout the industry and he works with an array of talented landscapers, architects and builders. The company is
a member of the Master Pool Builders Association Australia (formerly SPASA Vic) and builds mostly in Melbourne’s inner city and on the Mornington Peninsula, but also out of its typical areas.

Providing the customer with a hassle-free experience is key for the team. “We do a site inspection, have discussions with the client as to what their needs are, work on the budget and take time to build a relationship,” explains Laurie. “Our business is all about the relationship with the client.”

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