Blue Connect: The smart pool analyser


AstralPool / Fluidra Australia launches a new line of connected products for the swimming pool. The solution to monitor, maintain and enjoy your pool

Blue Connect, the smart pool analyser, combines a water quality sensor and smart algorithms which mix water data, weather data and user data. Blue Connect and its smartphone app help you look after your pool 24/7, even if you are away. Now there is no more uncertainty about what is happening in your pool.

  • Innovative smart sensor: Continuous measuring and analysis of your key pool parameters, from pH levels to water conductivity
  • Blue Connect App: Get notified when something is wrong with your pool, along with an easy to follow step-by-step chemical assistant to fix the issue
  • Always connected:
    • Sigfox: Blue Connect continuously sends the data to the cloud via a network dedicated to connected devices (check Sigfox coverage at sigfox.com)
    • Bluetooth: Take an instant measure directly with Bluetooth.
    • Wi-Fi: Use Blue Connect with your Wi-Fi thanks to Blue Extender.

In addition, Blue Connect Plus for all Salt Pool types’ gives you access to Virtual Pool Care (https://www.virtualpoolcare.io), a Pro Remote Assistance platform that allows your local pool professional to monitor your pool, for the ultimate peace of mind. Blue Connect Plus provides 24 Daily readings, weather forecast, Multi-User options, Data History and allows you to create custom alerts.

Accessories available are the Blue Fit50 and Blue Extender. Blue Fit50 is an adapter that allows you to fix the Blue Connect in the technical room’s piping. It is particularly useful for pools equipped with a cover. Blue Connect Plus include Blue Fit50. Blue Extender is a connection that allows you to use Blue Connect with a Wi-Fi network. It is an effective alternative for pools that are not covered by the Sigfox network.

For more information, go to www.astralpool.com.au/blueconnect