Quirky pool design


Bold and beautiful, this pool is sure to turn heads

Watching the kids splash around the pool from the comfort of your couch sounds pretty cool, right? With this featured Infinity Pools project, the homeowners can keep an eye on their two young children from a feature window inside the home, which highlights the striking pool and water feature.

Designed by Sue O’Connor Architects and built by Infinity Pools, this 12m x 1.8m rectangular lap pool is an extension of the Willoughby family home and entertaining space. The owners wanted a design that would create flow and fusion between the indoor and outdoor areas while providing a functional space for fitness, recreation and entertainment.

Recognising that good design principles must ensure a functional pool tailored to the client’s needs, Infinity Pools built a step at either end of the pool to ensure the children are not “caught out” and are able to stand. The long feature window also allows the parents to watch from inside.

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