Ignite Your Passion with an Element Fireplace


Discover the Element fireplace range for yourself. Visit Real Flame South at the Ignite Fireplace Studio in Miranda.

Hold onto your s’mores because this roaring showroom is arguably the best to be found anywhere in Sydney and the Illawarra. Recently renovated, the showroom has doubled in size and adopted a new moniker: Ignite Fireplace Studio. Indeed, it’s a place sure to spark inspiration. Owned by Paul Ingram, a contestant on the first season of The Block, the business collaborates with designers, architects and drafting companies across NSW as well as serving the public.

Rebranded and transformed, the space is brought to life by a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who roam the floors offering expert consultation and advice on everything pertaining to renovation projects and fireplaces. With more than 60 years combined experience, the staff are well heeled to take consumers through their range of over 20 fireplaces including gas, wood and electric models. One of the latest and most popular in the extensive range is the Element collection. With rumours of a new size being added to the range, in 2021 the Element is the most versatile fireplace on the market.

Designed, conceived and built in Australia, the Element fireplace range boats the latest high-efficiency heating technology. For customers, this simply means maximum heating without the big bills. With a remarkable 5.2-star energy rating, the sleek range enjoys an output of up to 9.2kW and will efficiently heat up to 120sqm. The power-balanced flue system allows the fireplace to be placed virtually anywhere, with 13.5m of flue terminating either horizontally or vertically. This means it can be easily installed in two-storey homes, apartments and commercial projects.

Element comes standard with remote control so you can turn the fire on or off with the touch of a button. Among its most admirable smart technology features is the seven-day timer, room temperature settings and Wi-Fi capabilities that permit you to control the fire remotely. Multiple media options are available, from driftwood to pebbles and traditional logs or coal.

Available in natural gas, LPG or ULPG, Element is designed to pair beautiful flames with maximum heating capacity and promises to make an impressive statement in living spaces of all sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a fire to keep the chill away on cold wintry evenings, or to add ambience to your home all year round, this fireplace is your perfect match.

Real Flame South can deliver and install, including full frame-out which comprises building and plastering work to your plans. Alternatively, they can work with your designer or builder to make your existing plans come to life. With three convenient sizes — 1200, 1800 and new 1800 (DS) double-sided fireplace — you can make the Element your own and create a unique statement piece for your home.

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