Personalise your roof tile colour scheme


Monier has a new concrete roof-tile colour palette and online tool, ColourTouch, to help you to create a personalised colour scheme for your home

When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for a new home, style extends all the way to the very top with Monier Roofing’s new concrete roof-tile colour palette. With a lighter, more flexible and subtle range of colours than ever before, there’s a roof-tile profile and colour combination to complement any design theme.

The new Monier Concrete colour palette has been developed and refined over the years, filtered by colour professionals in the building industry working with colour forecasting groups. Inspired by the latest trends and what homeowners, architects and designers are asking for, the new palette allows greater flexibility when it comes to the design and colour scheme of a home.

Fashion-forward white starts at the lighter end of the spectrum, with the palette deepening into tawny colours and the ever-popular classics of mid-greys and earth tones, through to black.

When selecting a Monier roof tile, it’s not just about choosing one of the 18 colours available, there is also a variety of profiles, from contemporary styles to the more traditional, ensuring the right look to match the home’s overall design.

If choosing colours and colour schemes is sending you over the edge, Monier Roofing’s latest tool, ColourTouch, enables homeowners to create and experiment with various colour palettes and combinations not only for roof tiles, but also bricks, feature walls, gutters, pavers, facades, garages, doors, trims, renders and windows with the click of a mouse.

ColourTouch helps to take the guess work out of which products, textures and colours will complement one another.

The online tool provides homeowners with the option to choose from a range of pre-selected colour schemes or to design their own for either a single- or double-storey home. The pre-selected ColourTouch palettes are based on popular and on-trend colour schemes and include reds, rich creams, silver greys, golden tans, rustic browns and new naturals.

Designs can be uploaded to Facebook, Pinterest or incorporated into a personalised My Scrapbook account and a link emailed to an architect, builder, family and friends.

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Originally from Renovate magazine, Volume 10.2

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