Nullarbor Tiles for a Hamptons Style


Narelle and Marshall Hinz’s new Hamptons-style house in Brisbane’s northern suburbs has every detail covered and every dream realised. Learn the design tips so you can achieve this look too.

Narelle Hinz decided to build her house in Brisbane’s Bridgeman Downs, on a vacant block of land behind the family’s existing home. She opted for the Hamptons look, commissioning her husband’s son, Peter Hinz of All Type Builders, to create a gracious, classic home for her and husband, Marshall.


Because the build was just behind their previous house, Narelle was on-site during much of the process and says she couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.
“It was a totally different house than what we had,” she says. “We had a Georgian-style home before, but this one’s in the style of the Hamptons. I wanted something sort of relaxed and casual, more classic.”
Narelle and Marshall have built two previous houses together and brought their knowledge from those projects to this home. They chose not to use an architect, but instead used a designer/draftsperson who prepared the plans under their instruction to achieve their Hamptons dream look.


“I did everything that I wanted this time around,” says Narelle. “I tried to keep it
as close as I could to the Hamptons style.”


With that in mind, the slate look of Monier’s Nullarbor tiles suited the aesthetic she wanted perfectly.
“The shape of the terracotta Nullarbor tile was exactly what we wanted,” Narelle says “Terracotta’s great because it never fades; that colour will be there forever. It’s worth spending the extra money, I think.”
The exterior weatherboards have been painted a soft grey/beige shade, known in the industry as “greige”, a rising colour trend. The muted palette is in line with the Hamptons aesthetic and is offset by the dark roof and white timber trims.
A soft-green hedge as a front fence adds a traditional feel, framing the front of the house, and balanced by the timber-panelled garage door and marble-front patio and entrance.


1. Pastel exterior palette
Narelle chose Cabots exterior paint in Grain Harvest, a calming neutral that echoes the coastal/Hamptons feel.
2. Nullarbor terracotta tiles in Granite, Monier Roofing
These slate-look tiles create the exact effect Narelle was after and the dark shade complements the pale exterior paint.
3. Stone trims
The front steps and porch were laid with travertine marble tiles, which are long-wearing and even improve with age, despite being in high-traffic areas. Available from Schots Home Emporium.
4. Windows
Windows by Trend in pearl white complement the white timber trim. Windows can be custom made in various shapes.
5. Hedge fence
Consider growing a hedge as a front fence. Hedges will screen noise and even filter air if you live on a busy road. Our pick? Sweet-smelling Murraya, also known as orange jasmine. Available from nurseries nationally.
6. Timber panel garage door
Timber-panelled Hamptons-style garage door from Best Doors.

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