Relax with EnduroShield Eco-friendly glass protection

EnduroShield easy clean eco-friendly glass protection has been used on this stunning property in the tropical holiday location of Port Douglas, Queensland

Enduroshield Eco Friendly Glass Protection

Sands Villa is located literally across the road from Port Douglas’ famous Four Mile Beach, and is only a ten minute stroll from the vibrant town centre.

EnduroShield was the natural choice to coat glass in this idyllic property. Its easy clean properties will protect the glass from permanent staining for years to come, while simultaneously benefiting the environment. EnduroShield is an eco-friendly product, eliminating the need to use harsh toxic cleaning chemicals which drain into our waterways, and also reducing water usage as coated surfaces require less frequent cleaning.

Applied on-site by Platinum Property Services Group, Port Douglas’ premier boutique property management company, EnduroShield is now protecting the pool fencing and shower screens at Sands Villa.
“We understand that luxury lives in the details. We thrive on order and are passionate about our homeowners and guests. We understand that your home is your sanctuary and we’ll keep it that way,” said Jess Bannock, owner of Platinum Property Services Group.

This sustainable, innovative coating by EnduroShield repels water and soap scum and makes glass resistant to dirt, grime, pool chemicals, and salt corrosion, perfect for shower glass and frameless glass pool fencing.

Platinum Property Services Group, Port Douglas pride themselves on quality property management and EnduroShield was the ideal choice for properties in this international holiday destination. EnduroShield is applied by many of the world’s leading glass companies and property managers to make light work of cleaning.

Incorporating EnduroShield on your property will reduce ongoing cleaning costs and keep your surfaces sparkling. Call us today.



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