Day or Night

Day or Night


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For the owners of this Brisbane property, the time had come for a change
Story: Karen Booth
Photos: Glenn Weiss

A garden is a living entity, evolving over time and adapting to the changing needs of the people who use it. Although their garden had been professionally designed several years earlier and had served them well, there came a time when the owners of this Brisbane property needed more space for entertaining.

They turned to the original designer, Wayne Giebel of Wayne Giebel landscapes, to modernise their garden and give them the extra outdoor living space they needed. Wayne’s design required the removal of a stretch of lawn so that a pavilion could be built to extend the existing entertaining area.

“The pavilion links the existing house to the new entertainment area. To ensure a seamless transition, gables were incorporated to match the ones on the house and the roof and guttering are of the same colour as the house,” explains Wayne. “The existing columns on the house were brick piers but these were too bulky for the new pavilion and would have made the new area feel hemmed in so we used powder-coated steel posts instead.”

Halogen lights were used to up light the pavilion ceiling and the sculptures; LEDs to highlight the paintings on the wall. The wall itself is an integral part of the design as it screens the main bedroom from the neighbours.

Making the garden more water-wise was also part of the brief. To do this, Wayne replaced additional areas of lawn with paving or drought-tolerant plants such as Agave attenuata, Dianella ‘Silver Border’ and Lomandra ‘Savannah Blue’ and integrated a powder-coated, oval-shaped water tank into the new design.

The result is a relaxed entertaining space that can be used with equal ease and enjoyment, day or night.