Ediotors Letter - Be Practical

Editor’s Letter – Be Practical


Home RenovationsIf there is a theme to this issue of Renovate & Extend it’s becoming practical

To get you started, we give you tips on how to create a great home office and with more and more of us working from home, this is an increasingly popular addition.

Another practical addition is adding a flat to your residence. It offers many practical benefits and will also add value to your property.

If there is one room that most renovators look to improve it’s the kitchen — we pass on the latest trends on how to create a cutting-edge cooking space. We also give you some great, practical tips on how you can easily winterproof your home for the cold months. And, as always, we have the Essentials section at the back of the magazine that gives you all the practical, step-by step tips to get you started with your renovation project.

As in every issue of Renovate & Extend, we profile a plethora of successful projects and the people behind them — the architects, designers, builders and suppliers who all contribute to the practical aspects of renovating your home.

Tracey Hordern