Enamelware from Odgers and McClelland Exchange Store

Enamelware that steps up to the plate

If you’re ever in Nundle, I highly recommend a visit to the stunning 120 year old Odgers and McClelland Exchange Store.
Or, if like me, you’re not planning a trip to Nundle, it’s probably better to visit the 1 year old online store.
While the site only conveys some of the store’s historic charm, it certainly is the easiest pathway to view their charming country products.
Odgers and McClelland offer a range of Falcon and Romanian Enamelware products, the same that steal the show at trendy Sydney cafe ‘Kitchen by Mike’ and their Koskela showroom. It’s not always just your free range eggs or bacon that comes from the countryside – sometimes it’s the plate too.
Their enamelware range includes enamel tumblers and plates which are perfect for outdoor entertaining, picnics and camping. The range is equally popular in a domestic setting too thanks to chefs like Jamie Oliver using enamelware in cook book and magazine shoots. Enamel pie dishes and jugs add that industrial chic effect at home without having to strip your walls bare and expose your lighting and insulation. Looks aside, enamelware performs well in the oven. The glass covered steel conducts and holds heat really well, hence the popularity for baking and roasting.
Whether you’ve got a weekend free to visit Nundle or a lunch break free at your desk, The Odgers and McClelland Exchange Store is a local treasure – which is no longer hidden.