Facts at a glance

Facts at a glance
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The environmental designers and architects at Sanctum Design invest passion and expertise into designing buildings with a core philosophy of environmentally sustainable design.

Sanctum Design 1.1

This approach sees our buildings evolve as “personal sanctuaries” which embrace the key attributes of their location and respond to the integration between the building and its landscape setting.

Sanctum Design has received over 30 design awards over the past 10 years:












Company Profile 

The multi-award winning design team at Sanctum provides a range of services which is aimed at providing clients with realistic design solutions to meet a range of budgets. By working closely with builders in the preliminary design stage, we engage in a design process that is hand in hand with the budgeting process to provide realistic outcomes for our clients, whilst extracting maximum creativity from those budget parameters. This process provides peace of mind when embarking on a design process by providing cost checks and balances throughout the design process, and before you commit to the full process.

Our typical range of architectural services consists of the following stages:

    1. Initial consultation and site analysis



























As Sanctum is a design-focused company we ensure that good design processes drive the outcome, rather than the building being dictated by the builders’ bottom line. Our solution is aimed to make good design more affordable, by introducing design objectives that revolve around creativity, environmental responsibility and financial sustainability. If you are seeking a design that delivers a unique and sophisticated aesthetic, our energy efficient custom or pre-designed homes can provide the perfect solution that has set new benchmarks for affordability and sustainability, and can provide peace of mind for the health of your family and environment.

(Nominated architect L.Farrugia registered in VIC, QLD and NSW Reg No. 4744)

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