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Rowena Cornwell has a deepseated passion for solving the complexities of problems with the interior.

“I enjoy the planning stage the most; it is where my strongest skills are,” she says. “I also enjoy the lighter attitude you can bring to the interior. Architecture has the tendency to get bogged down with dogma; interiors can be more lighthearted and of course are less permanent.” Her inspiration for fabulous design comes predominantly from fashion. “We derive most of our colour palette inspirations from the catwalk; fashion is always two to three years ahead of interiors.” With clients becoming more design aware, Rowena believes this will ultimately lead to diversity and wants to work with them to maximise their existing spaces. “As in fashion, we will see people embrace an individual look that reflects their life and financial situation.”

In 2001 Rowena launched her interior design practice Coop Creative, which moves between three realms: building design, interior design and decoration. “Because of my studies, we can pull down walls, insert a new interior and also hang the curtains,” says Rowena. As for the prediction of future interior trends? “’80s, ‘80s, ‘80s, pastel-coloured soft furniture, flesh tones, say goodbye to the island bench and welcome back the breakfast nook!”

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