Feelings Decide Colour

Feelings Decide Colour


Whether it’s a calming space or energetic surrounds, the Dulux forecast features six innovative colour palettes that truly appeal to the senses. Influenced by the latest trends in fashion, culture, technology, the environment and spirituality. The Dulux forecast sees soft, muted tones co-existing with splashes of bright, clean colour and sophisticated naturals and neutrals. Dulux colour services manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr, said each palette had been compiled following extensive consultation with both national and international colour experts and was shaped by world events.

“The impact of recent world events has seen our homes become our sanctuaries and we are creating our own sophisticated style for the places where we are spending much of our time,” Ms Lucena-Orr said. “It is also no coincidence that in times of uncertainty we look to the past for reassurance and so we are definitely seeing a revival of simplicity in fashion and design, and finding comfort in colours that connect us with the past,” she said.

Ms Lucena-Orr said texture was again a strong feature of the 2004 forecast and created a refreshing dynamic and versatile style. “The palettes fuse tactile touches with very liveable colour which can be easily mixed and matched to create individual style,” she said.

2004 Colour Forecast Palettes

Natural hues create an illusion of ‘mother earth’, moving from pale tones to rich, decadent browns. This palette is inspired by colours from our natural surroundings and includes colours which keep us grounded and connected to the environment.

Soothing blue tones make up this lovely tranquil palette. Sentimental blues mix easily with most other colours and are soothing and easy to live with. The blues in the palette reflect clear bright skies and our vast coastlines.

For a bright, cheery feeling, you can’t go past the yellow-inspired tones. Golds, tropical yellow-greens and buttery yellows make up this palette and give a luminescent, powerful radiance to any room. Yellows have a soft glow that add warmth and character, with a strong sense of mood.

Naturals and neutrals create a perfect backdrop for any scheme. Classic and elegant, whites inspire a sense of spiritual meaning and create a serene, uncluttered space. Textures can bring “white to life” and little pieces of colour can add interest.

Inspired by nature, greens are renowned for creating a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere which can leave us feeling calm and comforted. Greens can also be used for adding outdoor elements to the indoors and are soothing, gentle on the eye and rejuvenating.

This sensual palette includes reds, clarets, purples and pinks. It moves us from warm to cool and adds a great amount of colour along the way. The vibrant red has been inspired by the art deco influence, whereas many of the other reds are softer and browner in appearance. Evoking emotion, passion and romance through its sultry hues and sumptuous warmth, this flirtatious palette works well on feature walls and adds drama and impact to any room. Purples and pinks are softer in tone and very simple to use with most
other colours.

So whether you’re looking for something modern, traditional or even a neutral living space, the 2004 Dulux Colour Forecast has something to suit every décor and mood.
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