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To achieve a new designer look, this kitchen was stripped back to basics.

It’s not just the kitchen that was given an overhaul; the entire house was taken back to the frames, remodelled and completely rebuilt from floor to ceiling to create a new open-plan living area with views of the Brisbane River.

The job of Phil O’Brien and the entire Designer Kitchens team was to come up with a modern kitchen worthy of the renovated, upmarket home, and one that was also capable of important tasks such as cooking and entertaining. The three-metre island bench with a 95mm-thick reconstituted stone top and waterfall ends not only stamps its authority as a defining feature of the project, but also accommodates plenty of preparation area and room for casual seating.

The kitchen also boasts a mirrored splashback which, combined with the stunning vistas, enhances the room’s dimensions to create a bright and airy feel. Straight, clean lines and a notably handle-free aesthetic contribute to the design’s sleek, modern look. A bulkhead over the island for mood lighting and more practical task lighting above and under the bench complete this culinary masterpiece from Designer Kitchens.

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