Funky or Formal?

Funky or Formal?


Ross’ Carpets on the Gold Coast specialises in impressive carpets for impressive houses, according to sales and marketing manager Cassandra Roney.

“But the definition of impressive can vary wildly, depending on the style of home and the personality of the owner,” Cassandra admits.

“One of our more recent impressive carpet installations was a funky purple and mocha retro style which is reminiscent of the era of lava lamps, bakelite and chrome in a formal lounge area. Another was Brintons carpet in gold and burgundy classic style with fleur de lis pattern and borders.”

But regardless of whether your style is funky, formal or somewhere in between, it is vital to get professional advice when buying quality carpets.
“Even the best-quality carpets will drive you to distraction if they aren’t in the right environment,” Cassandra explains. “Carpet needs to blend the home atmosphere with the personality of the occupants and the activities undertaken in the area to work well.”

And with quality carpets lasting a long time, you have to be certain it’s something you can live with for a while. “A client recently came into the showroom and told us that she was fed up with the carpet we sold her 12 years ago. It was still in pristine condition so her husband saw no need to replace it but she wanted a change!” Cassandra relates.

The other part of the package is quality laying.“If the carpet layers are inexperienced, complex patterns and textures can be ruined,” Cassandra advises. “Good carpet laying of these types of carpet takes time so we have a project manager who goes on site to walk the client through the process. We also have an experienced team overseeing installation, with technical and measuring expertise to ensure the job is done correctly”.

Time is also an important factor when ordering carpets.“With such an extensive range we are unable to stock all the lines,” Cassandra explains. “If carpet is in stock with the manufacturer or in our warehouse, installation can be a quick process, but if we have to wait for production it can take some weeks.”

While styles may come and go, one thing will never change — people’s desire to have a lush wool carpet they can sink into.
“Quality woollen carpets have a feeling of opulence which cannot be imitated by any man-made fibre,” Cassandra says. “Because wool breathes it is ideal for any environment and the ideal way to create an impressive look.”