How to Choosing a Colour Scheme

How to Choosing a Colour Scheme
How to Choosing a Colour Scheme
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Colour schemes and specific patterns and textures can be inspired or influenced by associations with other places, other times or your surrounding environment, whether it be the Australian bush, sandy white beaches or the frantic pace of the city. Over time, colour combinations have become linked to different geographical location worldwide. This means to recreate a Caribbean theme you might decide to choose a rich aqua and hot pink colour scheme with touches of yellow.

Floral,  are reminiscent and associated with an English country garden, just like a log cabin patchwork quilt is identified with the country style of America’s north-east. As we can see, we have particular associations with particular themes and colour schemes. Colour schemes and patterns can easily evoke a certain mood and feel from another time or even era

Colour, pattern and textural inspiration can also be drawn from the things of nature to create a feel of the great outdoors, indoors. Earth tones, including shades and tones of orange, terracotta and ochres, enhance the rusticity of a room. When combined with timber furnishing and things of clay and cork, the textural dimension of the space is greatly enhanced.

Sky blue, soft greens with touches of white can also recreate the feel of the ocean and is often used by designers to evoke a feeling of peace and tranquillity in a room. Texture can be used effectively here with elements such as glass and ceramic, coral and paper.

Your colour scheme selection should be a personal choice based on your own tastes and vision. One thing to remember here is that slavish copying of roomscapes from pattern books and pictures is just that — a slavish copy. Integrate your own personality and inspiration into the room. So if you love the Greek Islands, achieve this style with terracotta flooring, lots of white and accents of azure blue. However, add those personal touches by integrating special treasures that might not be in that style, but will allow the room to be your own.

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