Ozone Sanitisation Systems

Many people may not be aware there is a safe, effective way of enjoying your pool or spa without harmful chemicals.

Enhance your pool or spa experience by swimming in healthy water, as Mother Nature intended. Ozone is nature’s own safe and powerful sanitiser.

Ozone is produced in nature by the effect of sunlight passing through the air and forming O3 gas — ozone. This ozone stops many of the harmful UV rays from reaching earth (the protective ozone layer), but also some of the ozone itself is carried through the air to the earth by rain, effectively sanitising the air. In your pool or spa, the ozone produced by the Isaac Technologies’ King Neptune Ozone Generator eliminates pollutants, bacteria and viruses.

Ozonated pools and spas look, feel and smell cleaner. Ozonated water is smooth and moisturising to hair and skin. No need to shower after swimming. No asthma attacks, allergic reactions or rashes. Ozonated water is kind to eyes, so you can swim without goggles.

In addition to the health benefits, ozonated water does not bleach or attack your pool surfaces and equipment, swimwear or heating and filtration components — so you benefit from reduced maintenance time and reduced long-term running costs. Importantly, unlike more common chemical systems, which overcome problems by increasing the amount of toxic chemicals in the water, a natural synergistic system such as Isaac Technologies’ King Neptune Ozone works with the circulation and filtration in your pool or spa. Therefore, Isaac Technologies offers an obligation- and cost-free consultancy service right from the planning stage of your project. This can include designing in the filtration, plumbing, hydraulics and electronics.

Isaac Technologies’ King Neptune Ozone systems have been producing sparkling clean water for more than 20 years in backyards, indoor pools, health spas, hotels, physiotherapy institutes, hospitals and gymnasiums throughout Australia.
The King Neptune range of ozone generators is designed and manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions and requirements.

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