Safeguard your Stone

Safeguard your Stone


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A deep-penetrating sealer to protect natural stone and paving

With the right treatment, it is easy to keep even the most porous natural stone, paving, brick and tiles looking great for many years, and to make cleaning much easier. 

Staining is the most common problem affecting porous materials, but there are other common types of damage. Water can be harmless, but if stone or paving is wet for long enough, moulds and bacteria take hold and the material can be softened and weakened. Water also contains minerals (salts) that can leave unsightly residues or stains, and even cause major corrosion of pavers and tiles.

Australia is a land of innovation and it is no surprise that the world’s most advanced impregnating sealers for protecting porous surfaces come from Dry-Treat, a small Australian company.

Dry-Treat’s invisible impregnating sealers provide many advantages over traditional ‘topical’ (coating) sealers and other impregnating sealers. “Our technology comes down to two basic things,” says Dry-Treat’s Global Marketing Manager, Gabriel Chapman. “Our impregnating sealers penetrate much deeper and our special water- and oil-repelling molecules actually bond permanently inside the treated material — so you get a very deep and very long-lasting barrier of protection.”

Dry-Treat’s flagship STAIN-PROOF™ sealer not only protects natural stone, paving and tiles against stains to keep them looking good, but also maintains the slip resistance of the surface, retards moss and mildew growth and makes the surface easier to clean. A 15-year performance warranty is available when STAIN-PROOF™ is applied by an accredited applicator, although the simple application instructions have made it very popular for DIY use as well.

“Dry-Treat’s reputation has spread across 35 countries, largely by word of mouth, because our sealers really do work,” adds Gabriel. “Today, STAIN-PROOF™ protects thousands of homes, and many well-known public icons, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the new BBC Scotland headquarters, football stadiums, city malls, famous hotels and monuments. So we are very comfortable backing our products with extraordinary warranties.”

For product information and contact details for Dry-Treat Dealers and Accredited Applicators, call the number below or visit the website.

Tel: 1800 675 119