Sanitary Solutions

Sanitary Solutions


generic_homedesign3_thumbnailRenovating is almost always fraught with design and building issues. Often, it’s the seemingly easy jobs that end up being the most complicated

One of the trickiest tasks in renovating is adding extra sanitary, utility or kitchen facilities in a part of a building where previously there were none. How do you achieve this when concrete walls are in the way or the sewerage system is on the other side of the building?

If you want to add an extra bathroom, ensuite or laundry, or maybe relocate the kitchen to another part of your house, then where you locate the water-using facilities is generally dictated by the existing plumbing lines, which can either limit your vision or blow out your budget.

What if we told you that you could now locate water-using facilities anywhere in your home or office without the need to core cut concrete or engage in expensive reinstatement works?

Saniflo, the market leader in small-bore pumping systems, has a range of sewage macerators and greywater pumps designed to offer a solution to potentially impossible plumbing concepts, provide a more economic and stress-free renovation and, ultimately, a more comfortable living and working environment while adding value to your property.

The black water systems use macerating blades that finely shred normal organic waste materials through the high-speed rotation of cutting blades. The waste is then pumped through relatively small pipe work — 22 to 32mm in diameter — that can be concealed in ceiling voids, wall cavities and under floors to join up to the nearest sewer drain, which can be many metres away. The grey water units work in a similar fashion without the need to macerate any waste, so you can choose the correct model to suit your needs.

Perfect for installation in difficult or awkward positions, the pumps are capable of disposing waste to the main drains vertically up to 11 metres and horizontally up to 100 metres (or a lesser combination of both, depending on the model chosen). This allows you to install facilities away from and even below the sewer line, defying traditional gravity-fed plumbing conventions and putting you in the designer’s seat when thinking about the best way to renovate and improve your investment. You will no longer be limited by what you are told you “can and can’t do”.

Apartment and office blocks, as well as multiple tenancy buildings, can benefit from the small-bore pumping technology, enabling renovations and improvements to occur without encroaching or disrupting neighbours and co-tenants.
With specific models for domestic and commercial applications, some capable of accepting multiple inlets, the pumps offer an inexpensive but effective way of redesigning your lifestyle at home or in the office. Heavy-duty commercial situations are catered for as well, with a range of pumps that will handle even the harshest conditions.

The small-bore pumping system is a clever concept with a simple design that can make a world of difference to the functionality and living experience of one’s home, office or building space.

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