Motherspoon- spoon and stand

The Motherspoon has landed

Do you have a grandmother who refuses to share her coveted gnocchi recipe? Or maybe you just agree that nothing is as soul-satisfying as the delicious home-cooked meals of your childhood.

If this sounds like you, then maybe you should invest in Electrolux’s brilliant new design concept and creation called Motherspoon which allows you to duplicate recipes exactly. The Motherspoon uses intricate sensors on its spoon to pick up ingredients, which are then stored online on an internet program. This program can be synced to other Motherspoons, so you can provide access to your children (or friends) to your recipe database.


In addition to the sensor spoon there is also a spoon stand which functions as an internet connection, a storage device and a projection touch screen. You can view the captured recipe information on your stand projection touch screen and, creepily enough, can even listen to the recipe in your mother’s voice.
So if you can’t work out that elusive secret ingredient in mum’s famous apple pie, the Motherspoon might just provide you a whole lot of happiness…or a whole lot of unhappiness – it’s strongly advised you get her permission first.