On the eve of the Emissions Trading Scheme being voted upon in the Senate, here is a
rare opportunity to hear the latest climate updates as delivered to the Senators in
Canberra earlier that day.
On Wednesday 12th August, Sydney residents are invited to an address by Dr Jay Lehr,
Science Director of the US Heartland Institute, and Professor Bob Carter, Science Adviser to the Australian Climate Science Coalition (ACSC) and one of Australia’s most experienced environmental scientists.
The Emissions Trading Scheme bill is the most important taxation and wealth transfer
legislation to go before the parliament in decades and yet the consequences of the
legislation are poorly understood.
This is Sydney’s opportunity to find out more about the scheme and how it will affect each and every Australian.
Hosted by the ACSC, the climate update for Sydney residents will begin with an address by Dr Lehr, economist, environmental scientist and one of the United States’ most respected commentators. Dr Lehr will outline the state of the global warming debate as well as the political and economic implications of the proposed US
scheme to tax carbon dioxide.
Dr Lehr’s enlightening insights will be followed by Professor Bob Carter, Research Professor at James Cook University in Queensland, who will address the audience on the science relevant to the global warming debate. Professor Carter will debate that there is no evidence to link man-made carbon dioxide emissions with global warming and that the science indicates that natural climate change, both warming and cooling, is the real threat that we face.
“A rational, strategic and scientifically backed national climate policy of preparation and adaptation is needed to deal with this threat, and the same policy will cope easily with any human-caused change that might, or might not, manifest itself in the future, said Professor Carter.
“An emissions trading system has no place in a proper national climate policy. Indeed, by deliberately increasing the price and instability of Australia’s power system, an ETS will act to hurt individuals, companies, the national economy and the environment alike,” continued Professor Carter.
Professor Carter is a former Chairman of the Australia Research Council’s funding panel for Geological Science and of the National Marine Science and Technologies Grants Scheme. He has also served as Director of the Australian Secretariat for the Ocean Drilling Program, which is the world’s premier international collaborative research program in environmental and geological science.
Certain to be highly informative and controversial, the ACSC climate update will take place on Wednesday 12th August from 6pm – 8pm at Rydges World Square,
389 Pitt Street, Sydney. Bookings are essential as spaces are strictly limited.
To reserve a place contact Katy Denis via email: kt@ktgcreative.com.au
or call 0414 388 879.

About the Australian Climate Science Coalition (ACSC):
The Australian Climate Science Coalition is an affiliate of the International Climate Science Coalition and was formed by a group of scientists and professional
people interested in encouraging continued scientific research into the world’s climate and in particular into the effects of increased concentrations of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere. The mission of the ACSC is to promote open scientific debate on the causes of climate change. ACSC is an apolitical, not for profit,
science advisory group. For more information about the ACSC, visit www.auscsc.org.au