Why a deck is the next must-have for summer











During the cooler periods of the year we often find ourselves cooped up inside the walls of our homes. Dinner parties and luncheons are generally hosted in the comfort of our dining rooms, to shield ourselves from the cold outside. But as summer starts to blossom, it’s time to move the party outdoors and there’s no place better than a deck.

Perfect for entertainment
A deck provides the perfect place to host your entertainment on those beautiful sunny days. Replete with practicality, your outdoor living area will be transformed into a versatile space where you can enjoy those summer BBQs in style. Australasia’s leading building product supplier Hebel recommends building your own deck, with their flooring system, PowerFloor. The materials are known to provide the smooth feel of a concrete floor and can also be tiled to create your idyllic entertainment space.

Building a deck is easy
Constructing your own deck DIY-style may seem like a messy and challenging task, but according to Hebel it has never been easier. PowerFloor ensures easy DIY installation that can be completed within a day. Simply installed over conventional floor framing such as decking joists, the system of panels fit tightly together to form a solid, strong, smooth floor. It only takes one day to build the deck you could use for a lifetime.

Low cost
At a significantly low cost, PowerFloor’s materials offer superior properties, such as termite-resistance, minimal noise transmission, thermal insulation and fire resistant properties, making the floor system great value for money. Using environmentally friendly materials, Hebel is an efficient option for both your wallet and the environment.

Hebel PowerFloor is available through major hardware retailers such as Bunnings.


Words: Chanel Zagon