Window Furnishings II

Window Furnishings II


We spoke exclusively to one of Australia’s leading interior designers, John Croft. As the principal interior designer at Queensland-based John Croft Design, he shares some of his own insights into window furnishings

What do you particularly love about dressing windows?
When given the opportunity to dress a window it can be quite exciting. The majority of the time, window treatments are purely functional; however, when working with a traditional interior we like to get creative with our fabric selection and style of window treatment. This enables us to complete our interior with detailing and style.

How can window furnishings change and influence the look of the room?
Selecting a style of window treatment for a room depends on the functions required and the look you are after. You would use blinds when you want the window treatment to be unobtrusive while shutters and curtains enhance the look of an interior.

What would you recommend for the home?

Shutters are used when wanting a resort look and are a great use of light control. They aren’t recommended to be used on windows and doors that need to be opened and closed frequently.

Romans are great on windows. We use roman blinds frequently in bedrooms where you have windows above furniture and curtains just wouldn’t work. When the blinds are stacked up, the window still looks nicely dressed.

We mainly use curtains when we are creating a softer look for formal rooms and bedrooms. Alternatively, we may use heavy curtains in a media room for good acoustics, sometimes curtaining all walls.

What are the benefits associated with the following window furnishings?

Privacy while being able to control light and look good on fixed windows.

Softer look on windows without the bulk of a curtain

Luxurious softer look, good insulation and acoustics properties.

How do window furnishings add value to a home?
When selling a home, the inclusion of the correct window treatments is a benefit not only for the look-good factor, but they are also essential for privacy and light control.

What advice would you give to someone looking to introduce blinds, shutters or curtains in their home?
The style and design of the window treatment is dictated by the architecture of the home, existing furnishings, functions required and the environmental elements — that is, if windows are facing west.

Light, shade and comfort — how do window furnishings impact on these key elements?
The function of any window treatment is impacted by light, shade and comfort.

Use of semi block out, complete block out or being able to vary light control.

Controlling glare with the option of keeping visibility.

Textures and soft draping fabric create a comfy environment.

What design, colour, style is your personal favourite?
Personally, we prefer to keep our window furnishings neutral and functional and add the colour and style through our furnishings.

What else should people know before making a decision?
The best advice for any window furnishing is to keep surface dust away. Repetitive laundering of curtains and romans will reduce their life span, so vacuuming is best. Hard blinds can be washed over. Replace when damaged, looking tired and worn or not complementing the interior.

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