KBQ KBDi People's Choice Awards 2018

FeatureLove where you live? Build what you love…

If you have you outgrown your home, but you do not want to change location, it then becomes a question of renovate or rebuild? The extension of the HomeBuilder grant has provided a great incentive for those home owners now considering their options via the range of grants currently available.

Cost guide

RenovationsArchicentre cost guide

Thinking about a renovation but haven’t worked out what you can get for your money? The Archicentre cost guide is your full outline on renovation spending.
Balinese bungalow

New HomesBalinese bungalow

Capturing the exotic feel of a Balinese bungalow, utilising timeless finishes and just the right balance of air, light and space, Brentnall Homes has brought the


Some people might even say this space exhibits all the signs of a “split” personality. Sporting an unusual…
Ergonomic Eats

KitchensErgonomic Eats

Cooking can be taxing, especially after a hard day at work. This kitchen, designed by Interior Designer Cassandra…