These ultra-wide fireplaces are next level luxury!
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Wide, sleek and oh so beautiful, these ultra-wide fireplaces from Escea are perfect for cosying up this winter

Ds1900 Roomset

You’ll be amazed when you check out the latest release by New Zealand fireplace manufacturer Escea. At almost 2m wide, the DS1900 ultra-wide fireplace is for those who have a lot of wall space and want to add wow factor to their home.

Ds1900 Woodland Plain Wall

This linear and minimalist look makes the fire and wall fit seamlessly together. It also means the focus is where it should be — on the beautiful flames. To accentuate them further, the DS1900 features reflective side panels, creating the illusion of a fireplace that goes on forever. The DS1900 can be single- or doublesided. The see-through, double-sided fire option makes for a dramatic partition and is a great way to connect two spaces. Glass-fronted design, Smart Heat fireplace control that connects to your smartphone, and Escea’s innovative flexible flue technology make the DS1900 practical as well as beautiful.


For those who love the DS1900 but require something a little smaller, the DS1400 gas fireplace fits the bill. With all the same features as the DS1900 but more compact in size, this heating option is guaranteed to delight.

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