5 stylish home trends of 2021


We chat with the team at HomeQuest to find out what some of the hottest home design trends of 2021 are, and how you can incorporate them into your project


Current trending home styles

Although there are many popular home styles on the market, there are three key styles that remain ever-popular.

Hamptons style houses take their name from the distinctive Long Island resort area and combines natural beachy tones with elegant finishes to create an effortlessly glamourous home. These houses often have weatherboard style cladding, a muted colour palette and open spaces with plenty of natural light.

French provincial homes feature a combination of elegance and rustic country styling. Often built with stone or brick, natural warm tones are carried throughout, with gold accents and often furnished with tasteful antiques.

Modern homes have a distinct aesthetic and paired with flat roofs and a lot of glass windows. These houses are innovative by nature with bold and experimental features and a focus on convenience.


Choosing an aesthetic for your home

Beginning the process of selecting the style of your future home can seem overwhelming when beginning the researching process. A good first step is exploring your local area and observe the surrounding homes. This can be a great source of inspiration and helps ensure the style will complement the neighbouring houses.  It’s also worth taking into consideration how long you wish to maintain your home’s current style. For homes that will remain stylish without renovating in five years or more, it can be worth looking at tried and tested styles, including Hamptons, Modern, and French Provincial aesthetics.


Recommendation from builders

Before you fully commit to a certain aesthetic, take into careful consideration the limits of your budget. For example, Hampton style homes come with extra costs, such as the additional details on the façade. If you are going to continue the theme throughout both the interior and exterior of your home you need to ensure you can afford all the elements to get the full effect of the style. The difference between a house that feels complete and one that does not, may come down to the internal panelling on the walls, lighting, black fixtures, ornate tapware and even the furnishings chosen after the home build has been completed.


Rendered finish or brick face?

Exterior finishes are not just an integral part of your home’s overall appearance. Bricks are traditional and offer timeless styling, while render is undeniably modern and can instantly transform the overall façade of a home.

Rendering involves applying cement to a brick or concrete wall and has been popular for centuries. It offers a great finish, helps reduce penetrating damp, and can provide greater insulation if painted in a light colour.

Alternatively, a brick finish offers incredible versatility, is low maintenance and very eco-friendly.

Foam cladding

Foam cladding is often used in areas that are cantilevered out over the lower storey of the home. It is an economical and lightweight building system often used as an alternative to brickwork. This can be a very cost-effective and versatile external finish for the home.

Upcoming home trends of 2021

There is expected to be a lot of consistency in styling for the year ahead, but the team at HomeQuest see Modern home designs as being one of the most popular styles. There has also been a flare in beachside style architecture which may continue to rise in popularity. Building on the Modern Homes trend, Light bright colours with flat roofs and a greater use of glass both offer contemporary twists on the Modern style to look out for.

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