Life in the great outdoors and how you can create your own dreamy oasis


In Australia, we are blessed to be able to enjoy gorgeous weather (almost) all year round. Building your own tranquil, outdoor sanctuary should be comprised of all the practical elements you need as well as providing you and your family a space that you will truly love.

Nowadays the shift from just laying grass and including a deck chair, has been taken over with elaborate options such as a beverage fridge, outdoor kitchen, or perhaps a playground.

When deciding on how you would like to style your outdoor kitchen area, you must consider which features are a high priority. Are you an avid entertainer? Or perhaps you need to be able to supervise young children playing outside whilst entertaining in the kitchen?

The size of your home and land will also determine how much additional space you have available for your outdoor haven.

Australia in the great outdoors is often a hot and humid climate, therefore technology plays a massive part in keeping you and your loved ones cool. Consider ceiling fans that help with airflow during those warm summer days.

Fly-screens are also a great and practical element to open your space all year long, without the worry of pesky bugs and flies entering indoors. To utilise your space from day to evening, you might want to consider a ceiling heater to extend the life of your outdoor area.

External blinds also help to increase the usability of outdoor areas in cooler and warmer months, whether you’d like to enjoy the early morning sun, or perhaps take shelter with a cool drink in the evenings.

Outdoor areas can add immense value to a home. When taking the leap and shopping for a new home, be sure to speak one of the builders at HomeQuest Luxury Display Village before purchasing a KDR site.

They are experts in their field and hold extensive knowledge about building your dream home.

It is crucial to choose the elements that you are willing to compromise on as well as the components that are vital to your design.

To create continuity, large stacker sliding doors, or bi-fold doors offer a perfect solution for creating an almost seamless transition between the indoors and out.

You might also decide that the style of your home indoors, is best extended to its outdoor sibling. Hamptons combines contemporary styling with relaxation. When choosing a suitable outdoor setting, think lacquered or naturally weathered white timber. Natural hues of creams, navy and white are perfect for this light and ethereal theme. Wicker is also another fabulous material to create a relaxed Coastal Hamptons theme.

Design an outdoor space and home you love and make the most of the great outdoors!

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