Custom-building your dream home: creating the perfect impression


Established for more than 20 years, this dedicated building company has reached a new level of design excellence – right from the first impression

Storybook Designer Homes is dedicated to producing beautiful residences. These projects are state-of-the-art, high-character design solutions at extremely competitive prices. Clients have the option of choosing traditional, classic, beach or modern styles and regardless of the building site — level, sloping or narrow — Storybook will create something special. Pictured are a few of the 2000 individual designs Storybook Designer Homes has created recently for its owner-builder clients.

The process of individual design does not depend only on the floor plan and external shape of the house. Rather, it is the total desired impression inside and out. Storybook Designer Homes started out by providing products to satisfy the cottage and traditional market, but quickly realised there was a demand for more contemporary and coastal looks. Today, Storybook is proud of its enthusiastic team and the beautiful homes it creates. “Our clients come to us with a vision of the ambience they are hoping to create,” says founder Phil Malcolm. “It’s the driving force of our business to see that their vision (and the impression of the home) is realised. However, total involvement and commitment from the client is also appreciated because only they have the detailed understanding of the colours, textures and furnishings that will excite them. Our owner-builder system ensures this personal involvement, creating a greater likelihood of an exciting outcome.”

Storybook Designer Homes’ services are available in most areas throughout Australia. Visit the website for your nearest office.

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