Keep it traditional: a break from contemporary


Garth Chapman Queenslanders’ traditional heritage-style home designs offer a breath of fresh air in a housing development landscape flooded with modern designs and contemporary looks

Garth Chapman Traditional Queenslanders takes a step back in time with its classical heritage-style home designs. “Our award-winning home designs are renowned for their authenticity of architecture, super inclusions, attention to detail and uniqueness,” says the Stephen Havas of Garth Chapman Queenslanders. The company’s latest project sits on Mt Cotton Road, Burbank, and tips its hat to the company’s old-fashioned, but stylish design. The wooden facade of the house is both modest and charming, drawing in the eye with its simplicity. The timber framing on the verandah is carved into a florid design — a nod to the skill of modern carpenters, while also adding to an overall pleasing aesthetic. The light-colour palette accentuates the unassuming design, while also making it a noticeable addition to its surroundings.

“Our houses are designed and built with contemporary finishes to suit modern living,” explains Stephen.

Inside, varnished wooden floorboards coupled with intricately carved wooden frames in the walkways continue to showcase the home’s traditional design. The company shows off its ability to interweave tradition with modernity through flashes of contemporary finishes. The kitchen is a quiet marvel. Modern, white tiling pairs with traditional wooden and glass-panelled cabinetry. A white stone benchtop coupled with the white-painted finish reflects the indoor lighting to create a sense of space. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms are situated over one storey, proving that space is at a premium in this design. The open-plan layout positions the kitchen, dining room and lounge room adjacent to each other, providing the perfect area for entertaining guests.

Moving into the bathroom, Garth Chapman reveals the brilliance of modern design. The glass-panelled walk-in shower creates a sense of openness and the bright colour palette adds to the light ambience.
Garth Chapman Queenslanders leaves no doubt as to why it is one of Queensland’s most trusted names in the industry. “Our homes are easy to live in, are pleasing to the eye and provide good value,” explains Stephen. “We offer families a home they will love to own, and future generations will appreciate and enjoy.”

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