Kit home designs: The Ashgrove

The charming Ashgrove kit home is perfect for narrow city blocks


Measuring less than 7 metres wide, the Ashgrove kit home features an attractive cottage style frontage and is designed specifically to suit home owners who live in narrow city blocks.

The Kit home is equally suited for country sites however, and its attached single garage can be converted into an extra bedroom or used to increase the size of other rooms. Maximum space is the main focus of the floor plan, with bedrooms at the front of the home and large open living areas at the rear that open up onto a wide verandah.

With modification the home could be elevated to become highset and still remain suitable for a narrow block.

Fact sheet: Ashgrove Kit Home

  •  Comfortable sized bedrooms
  • 2.5m verandah and small front porch
  • Ceiling height 2.7m
  • Attached single garage
  • Specially designed for narrow blocks
  • Suitable for flat or sloping sites
  • As with all Classic Kit Homes, this design may be reduced, extended or modified to suit you

For more information about the Ashgrove kit home, visit the Classic kit homes website 

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