A touch of elegance: outdoor furniture range


Personalise your outdoor space with this stylish range of furniture

If you’re after something unique, contemporary or even nostalgic to personalise your outdoor space, Yardware is your one-stop shop. With more than 15 years’ experience, this family-owned company specialises in everything outdoor living, from composite stone tables and metal chairs to pool recliners, sun loungers and metal sofas.

The company also supplies a range of exclusive products including architecturally designed screens, water features, objets d’art, urns and outdoor pavilions.

A visit to the Yardware design centre in Alexandria is an experience in itself. This spectacular 2500m2 display space showcases more than 40 functioning water features.

Each one offers a tranquil and relaxing environment and when installed at home, a water feature can help block out unwanted noise such as traffic from inner-city living. Collections range from high-end to everyday home decorating items and include everything in between.

A new addition to the collection, the Barossa Pavilion features six composite stone columns topped with a metal trellis. At 5m long and 2.5m wide, this large pavilion will
make your garden look established and really give it that finishing touch.

In this recent Sydney project, the team at Yardware customised a pavilion to stretch over the pool, which certainly adds a touch of elegance to the space. They also customised a shade sail to provide shelter for the clients’ children on hot summer days. This enables all-day swimming for the family and protection for a pool that would have otherwise been completely exposed.

If you’re searching for a new addition to your outdoor space, you can choose from a readymade piece or have something customised to a particular space or personal requirement.

This is especially beneficial for Sydney customers as Yardware manufactures its customised range at its Alexandria premises. Perhaps you love one of the table designs but need it to fit a smaller or larger space? This is no problem as the friendly team can customise any design to your specific space.

Written by April Ossington

Originally in Outdoor Rooms, Volume 30

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