Mediterranean Blue: a vivid tile design

Mediterranean Blue: a vivid tile design

This rich blue tile was developed specifically to offset any green colour, ensuring pools stay vivid and inviting on even the gloomiest of days.

This rich blue tile was developed specifically to offset any green colour, ensuring pools stay vivid and inviting on even the gloomiest of days

There is one element of a pool that can make or break the overall look, and that’s the pool tiles. The colour, texture and size of the pool tiles together have a huge impact on the way your pool looks in different light — sunshine, cloud cover, at dusk and at night when illuminated with lighting.

Tiles on Bradman Drive has gone to enormous lengths to create this particular blue colour that many customers were looking for and couldn’t find. “We noticed customers and pool builders were looking for an interesting mid-blue [coloured tile] but felt that most of what was on the market was too flat. Mediterranean Blue was a colour developed by Tiles on Bradman to suit these industry trends,” says Scott Bryant, commercial sales manager of Tiles on Bradman Drive. “The slightly indigo blue nicely offsets any greens and ensures that your pool colour stays rich and inviting even on gloomy days.”

Mediterranean Blue provides customers with a rich, mid-blue colour that has enough of a gradient shift from tile to tile to avoid looking monotonous. Tiles on Bradman Drive ensured the tile was sized to suit pool builders’ needs, having had many requests for a tile that was slightly smaller and suitable to use on tight internal corners without lipping. The result is a pool tile that suits every style and shape of pool, with an exceptional hue.

“A key requirement for most customers is that their pool shimmers with a natural effect and a tile like Mediterranean Blue allows the water to work light over different tones on the pool floor and create an iridescent cluster of gleaming blue hues,” explains Scott.

“Each member of our team has a different favourite pool tile; however, we all agree that Mediterranean Blue is versatile enough to use in many different situations.”

Tiles on Bradman Drive has earned a reputation as a style pioneer in Adelaide. Formerly known as Tiles on Burbridge Road, the company has acquired more than 40 years of knowledge by working with customers’ unique tastes and design preferences to achieve stunning results for their pools. When helping clients with their tile choice, Tiles on Bradman Drive finds out what effect a client would like to gain from their pool. “Everyone wants a different look for their pool and it’s important to find out what that is and choose a tile accordingly,” Scott explains. “Some people know exactly what they want from looking at the tiles, while others need more help to choose. We usually assist through photos and samples that the customer can take home and choose from.”

The company, which supplies around Australia and is a SPASA SA member, specialises in high-quality pool tiles including ceramic, glass and stone in various sizes and surfaces, such as crackled surfaces and digital swirl prints, anti-slip tiles and coping pieces. It has the largest pool tile range in South Australia, with tiles in ceramic, glass and stone.

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