A complete facelift: Harbourside pool design


Sometimes all an ageing pool needs is a little TLC

This large pool and spa combination was brought back to life by Pride Pools. Originally a tired, old pool, it required a little tender loving care in order to become the expansive, attractive lap pool that the owners desired.

To be properly revamped, the pool needed to be radically rectified. Pride Pools fixed the concrete cancer that had developed over the years from the salt before placing a newly poured pool inside the existing 50-year-old one that was nestled into the harbour foreshore. Walkways also needed to be removed, as did one side of the structure. To this day, tradesmen still refer to this job as “the really tricky one we did”.

Despite the complexity of the job, the final, revamped concrete pool with added spa was a spectacular addition to the space. The owners and Pride Pools are extremely proud of the result. Complete with a new filtration and heating system and near-invisible glass fencing, it is sure to provide a safe and enjoyable swimming experience year-round.

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Originally from Poolside magazine Volume 44

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