Pool covers: clever and functional designs


Remco Australia specialises in pool covers that are beautifully designed, discreet and safe. With multiple options to choose from, Remco is able to cater to any client, whether your pool is new, established or free-form

Pool covers

All of Remco’s pool covers help to protect the pool against debris such as leaves, dirt and other litter. This means your pool cleaning times are dramatically reduced and your pool stays beautifully clean. Additionally, Remco pool covers eradicate evaporation of heating, chemicals and water by 70 to 80 per cent. Swimming pools require heating, which can be a massive expense, particularly when most pools sit idle at least 23 hours a day. Indoor pools can cost even more. With no cover, an indoor pool needs a dehumidification system to run 24 hours a day. Condensation, rotting timber and corrosion of materials are all side effects of indoor pools. However, when there is a cover installed, dehumidification systems can be turned off when the cover is activated. Remco can assist with lowering pool maintenance costs for both indoor and outdoor pools.


Remco pool covers help keep adults, children and pets safe by providing an extra layer of protection between your loved ones and your pool. When operated correctly, Remco Australia’s Swimroll is an impenetrable surface that can support up to 80kg. It adds an extra layer of protection to your pool, giving you peace of mind that your pets and children are safe, particularly if guardians may be distracted.

Swimroll Automatic Pool Cover

Swimroll is the ultimate in design and aesthetics. Not only has Swimroll won major design awards, its functionality and reliability are also what make it popular with customers. When activated, the pool is rendered inaccessible, ensuring maximum safety and aesthetic appeal. Swimroll is constructed with high-grade PVC and polycarbonate extrusions, making it tough and durable against the Australian weather.


Coverstar is a fully automatic, vinyl pool cover system that is fixed into two tracks. It’ll seal out dirt and debris and will trap in heat. By investing in a Coverstar, you can extend your swimming pool season.


PoolGuard is a sturdy, durable pool cover. It’s key operated, so it’s impossible to access without authorisation. It’s also completely impenetrable, so it’s an ideal solution for those with young children or curious pets. Remco Australia is able to provide the perfect addition to your pool by increasing safety and reducing costs. Remco covers will blend seamlessly with the style of your outdoor area. They can be tucked away in the pool or even below ground for new pools, and provide a sleek and aesthetic solution.

Remco Australia is an expert in custom-fitted pool covers and products that help enhance the usability and safety of your pool. The company can supply worldwide, with installation available nationally across Australia. The knowledgeable and skilled team are always happy to assist with any queries.

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