This steep sloping block pool proves a tropical oasis can be created anywhere


In this stunning pool project, Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction cleverly used the surrounding space to create a private tropical oasis

A steep sloping block can present a range of challenges for any project, not least the construction of a pool. Access options can often make work difficult, while compliance and ease of use mean creation of a space that is both beautiful and usable often presents its own problems.

To overcome this, Beau Corp decided to build the pool half-in and half-out of the ground. This also presented a great opportunity for decking around the edges, with a floating elevated timber island for sun deck lounges.

The pool itself prioritises relaxation and ease of use. A fully automated mineral pool system offers silky water with little maintenance required. The smooth pebble finish in pure white evokes a tropical getaway, complementing the beautiful frangipani tree the area was designed around.

Previously a totally unusable front yard, these homeowners can now relax with a holiday in their own frontyard.

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