Natural Pools proving a new trend in sustainable design


Fresh on the scene, natural pools that take an organic approach to one of the home’s finest luxuries are already proving popular, and it’s easy to see why

This breathtaking living pool and spa by Beau Corp Aquatics and Construction is certainly different from many others out there. Blending perfectly with its coastal forest surroundings, the design is reminiscent of an ancient rock pool. Not only is the water self-maintaining, it is also all natural.

Many natural pools use a bio-filtration process involving, in this particular case, water lilies, duckweed, cordylines, cattails and other useful plants which absorb nitrates and ammonium while releasing oxygen into the water.

Zooplankton in the pool’s ecosystem manage germs and algae and provide a hygienic and self-cleaning swimming area for the owners. However, the pool’s all-natural ethos does not come at a cost to the luxuriousness of its surrounds.

The outdoor area features a sunken lounge and fire pit area, giving the overall space a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Submerged feature rocks and pebbles, combined with the crafted rock facing, provide a stunning backdrop, enhanced by the negative edge overflow that provides the impression of water returning to the surrounds.

Winner of a Master Builder Award for Swimming Pool, Outdoor Living & Landscaping, when it comes to sustainable and low-maintenance design, this pool truly is a natural.

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