A sustainable solution: pool cover range


These pool covers are stylish, safe and sustainable

For more than 20 years, Remco has emerged as Australia’s leading manufacturer of motorised, automated and multifunctional pool covers. The Swimroll and PoolGuard are industry-leading pool cover systems, manufactured in Australia and offering high performance and functionality for pool owners. Remco’s first promise and priority is the safety of its clients.

Safety is paramount for commercial and domestic properties, especially families that have the need to protect children and animals around pools. Remco prevents accidental drowning with a range of industry-leading pool covers which meet international standards. Remco’s Swimroll and PoolGuard ranges boast a number of additional benefits, including enhancing the aesthetic appeal of indoor and outdoor poolside leisure areas.

Structurally, Remco’s Poolguard pool covers are engineered to withstand the full weight of an adult*, meaning that if applied correctly, the cover is completely impenetrable. The world-class workmanship employed to manufacture every Remco product is evident in its design; the Swimroll cover is customised to fit snugly to the internal shape of the pool, and in some instances can be adapted to suit a variety of pool shapes.

Remco provides the most environmentally sound pool covers currently on the Australian market. A Remco cover acts like a blanket over the water, diminishing evaporation and reducing water rating and chemical costs. This protection prevents dirt and debris from entering the pool, minimising cleaning and maintenance efforts and allowing owners to enjoy the pool.

The aesthetic presentation of the pool is enhanced by both ranges. The Swimroll’s design enables it to be rolled away neatly, out of sight, when not in use. With above-ground installation, it can be easily fitted to complement the surrounding landscape. The Swimroll is made from high-grade PVC or polycarbonate extrusions, enabling its fluid rollaway mechanism. It is available in seven colours.

The PoolGuard series is produced from cross-woven UV-treated PVC-coated polyester, facilitating easy manual operation and cultivating a relaxed yet sturdy appearance.

Originally in Poolside Volume 44

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