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These pool covers are discreet, stylish and, most importantly, safe

Australian company Remco has made a splash with its unique Swimroll pool covers — they are discreet, stylish and, most importantly, safe. For those looking for a smart, beautifully designed cover that doesn’t compromise the look of their pool, Swimroll is the perfect choice.

Fences can be climbed and gates left open, leaving young swimmers vulnerable. Swimroll covers can provide an additional layer of protection to your backyard, preventing children and pets from accidentally falling in. When operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions, Swimroll pool covers provide an impenetrable surface. When fully closed, the pool cover can sustain the weight of approximately 80kg.

The Swimroll has several installation options; it can be smartly hidden away in a bench seat, or even in the pool or below ground for new pools, making it the ideal option for those whose priority is design and style.

Manufactured from high-grade PVC and tough polycarbonate extrusions, the pool cover is fully automated and rolls onto the pool at the press of a button. Remco provides three control options for remote activation of the automated Swimroll cover: Push-button allows for instant access, the key switch control provides a lockable option, and the remote control allows for complete ease of use.

Swimroll covers are environmentally friendly in their design as they prevent heat, water and chemical loss. This also makes them more economical to maintain. High-buoyancy slats form a cover over the pool to give functionality which includes safety, eliminating evaporation of water and chemicals, and keeping the pool clear of dirt and leaves.

Swimroll pool covers can be customised to fit your pool perfectly and insulate against heat and chemical loss, saving up to 80 per cent on heating costs, chemical consumption and thousands of litres of water.

Remco’s Swimroll is also available in a foam-filled option for those looking for further rigidity and boosted insulation. This cover is an innovative product with solid slats, providing a perfect finish on curves which can be cut, on site, to fit any shape. Furthermore, the Swimroll can be retrofitted into existing pools and built into new pools, making it accessible to all home owners.

In Swimroll foam-filled covers, the profile structures are made from expanded PVC foam, coextruded with polyurethane. The exterior is high-density PVC, which presents a perfectly smooth surface helping to prevent any algae formation either above or below the water level, and can withstand temperatures from -20°C to +80°C.

Remco Australia specialises in pool covers and products designed and engineered for stunning, yet functional pools. It supplies products worldwide, with installation available across Australia. Remco’s friendly team assist with all installations and can custom fit pool covers to suit different shapes.

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Originally in Pool&Backyard, No. 47

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