The questions often forgotten when building or renovating a pool

Too often it is simply forgotten that it is the water itself we are placing ourselves and our families in when we indulge in our swimming pools. So why shouldn’t the choice of sanitation system be the most important factor to consider?



To help you out, we have put together a few quick questions to consider when building or renovating your pool:

1)      Does the water and sanitation system offer any therapeutic benefits?

You now have a range of sanitation options that give you the ability create a ‘wellness centre’ in your backyard. Today’s modern swimming pool can offer not just a place to cool off and have fun but a place of pure indulgence, healing aches, pains and the days stress.


2)      What will the water taste like in my swimming pool?

It is possible to swim in pure comfort, free from the bitter taste of salty water.  The technology of sanitation systems is at its peak and you should be looking for ‘low salt’ chlorinators to give you this luxury of swimming in fresh mineral water.


3)      Will there be any sort of odour left on the body or will it be free of smell?

How many times have you come out of a pool with chlorine lingering over the body? A handy tip is to look for the mineral pools or low salt chlorination options that are now available on the market.


4)      What will my skin and hair feel like getting out of the pool?

Imagine getting out of your swimming pool and your hair feels conditioned enough so you can run a comb through it without knots or tangles interfering? Take some time to read about ‘mineral pools’ that contain ‘borates’. These will give you the every day luxury you thought was not possible.



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