Heavenly Hamptons


Evoke idyllic beach vibes with a hint of the Hamptons at home

Hamptons-style homes are undeniably in vogue and growing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. The gable-style roofs, detailed architraves, white picket fences and timber wall panelling have been on the silver screen for decades, evoking a sense of luxury and style.

However, the look has been traditionally American, and introducing it to Australian shores hasn’t been a natural evolution. In part, this is because many Australian homes are double brick, while the traditional Hamptons exterior is timber slats. There are, however, similarities between Hamptons homes and old Queenslanders, with both styles set high on their land to allow breezes to waft through, and timber detailing and white trims, perhaps explaining the popularity of the style in the northern states.

The good thing about emulating style, however, is that we tend to transform it to cater to our needs and preferences. The adoption of the Hamptons character is more about a return to a traditional façade for homes than a complete reinvention of existing structures. Intrinsic to Hamptons-style is street presence, and the easiest and most efficient way to achieve one that resonates is with your roof tiles. With such stunning, iconic gabled rooves, it’s imperative to use a tile that makes an impact. For a true Hamptons feel, contrast a lighter exterior with slate tiles.

Rather than attempting an identical replica, aim for the overall feel of a Hamptons home — the combination of relaxed and sophisticated, a quintessentially Australian aesthetic. This can be easily achieved by contrasting a lighter exterior with darker-tiled roofing, preferably a flat roof tile like Monier’s Horizon or Atura ranges.

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A tiled roof is a must to complete the Hamptons look. Monier concrete tiles in Horizon or Colour through Cambridge give a strong, streamlined feel that flows from the roof. Our Nullarbor profile in terracotta adds to the natural vibe, complementing the Hamptons style. Our Elemental lightweight composite range delivers exceptional flexibility in design, with an ultra-modern contemporary appearance that will truly protect you from all of the harsh elements. Each is available in a range of colours that will tie in perfectly with your look.

Complete your roof by adding a slimline and sophisticated look with A-line Ridge minimising the bulk of ridge lines for an uncluttered finish. Details like this, timber fretwork or white panelled kitchens work to bring the Hamptons-style together.

Want to create your Hamptons look from the top down? Build your dream roof with Monier.

Whether you decide to go full-blown Hamptons or just choose a few key pieces, remember to have fun with it and visit monier.com.au to help plan your interpretation.

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Heavenly Hamptons

Evoke idyllic beach vibes with a hint of the Hamptons at home Hamptons-style homes are undeniably in vogue…
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