Invest in quality pool cleaning

Invest in quality pool cleaning
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Simplify your pool life by using high-quality products that specialise in advanced technology.

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When installing a pool, it is important to look behind the scenes. You need an efficient pool cleaning system to ensure your pool functions properly.
Pool-Water Products supplies Paramount in-floor cleaning systems because they practically take care of themselves. “Homeowners are looking for low-maintenance solutions in their homes and we provide,” says Rob Portbury of Pool-Water Products.

Paramount in-floor cleaning systems offer the perfect solution to create an aesthetically pleasing backyard oasis that requires little maintenance. The incredible effectiveness of Paramount in-floor cleaning and circulation systems provides you with a sparkling-clean and beautiful pool and spa, regardless of its size and shape.

For maximum cleaning performance, combine the in-floor cleaning and circulation system with Paramount’s MDX Debris Removal System — one of the most effective safety drains on the market.

Paramount in-floor cleaning and circulation systems are installed by qualified independent pool builders selected for their quality craftsmanship and high level of customer satisfaction.

A Paramount in-floor cleaning and circulation system makes pool ownership a more enjoyable experience. Operating silently and automatically every day, the system jets water into each corner of the pool, distributing heat and chemicals and directing debris into a convenient collection zone, saving you money, time and effort.

The team at Pool-Water Products has more than 30 years’ experience in the pool industry, specialising in products and systems to make pool ownership a more enjoyable experience. The company has adopted the motto, “Simplifying pool life”.

In 1992, the company looked into in-floor pool cleaning for the local pool industry and, after much research, found Paramount Pool & Spa Systems in the USA offered one of the best systems available.

With an ongoing research and development team, Paramount is constantly investing in improvements to both product performance and safety. Adding to this, builders are trained in installation and operation then licensed by Paramount to ensure quality control of the product.

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