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When any heritage-listed home undergoes a major renovation, the design process is usually riddled with restrictions and challenges. In this instance, the façade was not allowed to be altered, however the original house was rewired and rebuilt to match. Specialists in home automation and AV integration, the people at Smart Systems were called in to install up-to-date technology that would enhance the settings in the home, improve the way of living for the owners and essentially add value to the house. The company followed a seamless integration approach as the clients detailed in the design brief that what they wanted above all else was ease of control.

In addition, they did not want AV equipment to be visible throughout the home. As a result, all the equipment such as the BluRay player, PVR, Foxtel box etc. was confined to a cupboard and then distributed throughout the home to the areas required, controlled by Crestron touchscreens. In order to make the house easy to use and highly reliable, the Crestron system is the cornerstone and foundation of the entire project. With both wireless and in-wall touchscreens, the Crestron control system allows the client to control everything from the lounge room theatre through to the distribution of audio throughout the house. The touchscreens also control the lighting system and the owner can turn scenes on and off for all the lights in the house. The clients can also view the security cameras and with a touch, open the front gate for visitors. The family room, kitchen, master bedroom plus ensuite, gallery and study, as well as the alfresco barbecue area all have access to the distributed video systems via the Crestron wireless and in-wall touchscreens allowing seamless access to all entertainment sources. The high-tech security system was installed with easy-to-use controls. Smart Systems worked closely with the clients and builder to plan a fully functional yet simple-to-use automated system that would work best with their busy lifestyle. One of the beauties of the Crestron control is that it also works from the iPhone or even an iTouch!

The majority of switches throughout the home are CBus glass Saturn, with enhancements to the LCD switch offering programmable text labels in busy areas such as where multiple lights and blinds are to be controlled. In-ceiling speakers were installed to keep the home clutter-free. These speakers give superb sound quality without taking away from those other star features in the home. This home is fitted with the latest in-built technology. From a 20-inch screen on display in the ensuite to a 65-inch plasma display flush mounted in stonework and integrated into the main living area. Outside in the alfresco/ barbecue area, a 50-inch plasma screen has been set up, branding it the perfect space to entertain. Known as the first home automation integrator in Victoria, Smart Systems takes a strong stance in helping to reduce its clients’ carbon footprint. Incorporating energy-saving elements in the home was high on the list of priorities. All circuits in the home have been dimmed 10 per cent, with no perceptible change in light levels. To ensure the lights were only used as required, smart sensors were installed in key areas such as the garage, pantry and garden path. There is also an “ECO” option on the Crestron touchscreen, so unused lights in the house can be automatically switched off. In keeping with the modern and uncluttered look of the home, Smart Systems cleverly integrated smart technology inside and out. This home is a fine example of the exceptional work this company continues to do.

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