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Fondness for Fondue


While the seventies are not renowned for good taste, one good and tasty thing did come out of it – the Fondue.  Fondue originated in Switzerland in the nineteenth century, however, it sky rocketed to international fame and popularity in the sixties and seventies as a sophisticated dinner party favourite.

After this era, unfortunately the fondue cooled off and melted away. The concept didn’t correspond to the new health conscious, diet obsessed and convenience culture that the nineties introduced. This I understand, I have a beautiful enamel fondue set and I’ve never felt inclined to use it for an after-work, week night meal.

In recent foodie culture, the current trend of easy and nutritious has once again been superseded by a new trend, which is the desire to eat authentic food rich in culture and tradition. This is the new height of sophistication, no more packet mixes, easy bakes, seasonings or sachets. Even the calories don’t count anymore. Now we travel, we have memorable dining experiences and we want to recreate amazing and real food in our home kitchens.

However, there is a trade off with fondue. Yes, it takes significant effort, skill, expense and time and will unfailingly make a huge mess. However, Fondue is a theatrical, interactive dish that stimulates conversation and creates conviviality at a party and romance for a couple. There’s almost no preparation either which you can’t do communally in the company of your guests – and – it’s the only socially acceptable way to eat a whole meal of cheese.  Fondue also allows for creativity in the kitchen. The traditional recipe involves melting Emmenthal or Raclette with a little cornflour, garlic and wine and that’s essentially all you need to create an awe-inspiring meal – however, ingredient possibilities are endless.  At “La Maison du Fondue” in Aix en Provence I was fortunate enough to sample four different fondues from a menu of forty, so be creative and don’t be afraid to throw in some blue cheese, goats cheese, rosemary, mustard seeds, pesto, chilli, beer, champagne… anything that goes with cheese will go with fondue.  All that’s left to do now is thread some crusty baguette on the end of your prong, wipe the cheesy grin off your face, and be thankful that Fondue is back and hotter than ever. Here’s some nice Fondue models to get you inspired and joining team cheese.

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