Gladiator Garageworks Make-over: City-dwellers Katie and Marty

Gladiator Garageworks performs magic when they make-over this inner-city garage to the perfect storage space.

Gladiator Garageworks Make Over – City dwellers Katie and Marty from Gladiator Garageworks on Vimeo.

Watch this inner-city garage be transformed in only 1 day! What was once a cluttered and unsafe space full of bowed shelving, sharp edges and boxes on boxes, becomes a functional garage with a place for everything – and still room for a car.

After a little help from Gladiator Garageworks, Katie and Marty now have quality shelves, hooks and cabinets to protect and display their belongings. The boxes have disappeared!
This is the ultimate garage fitout for city dwellings with no space to spare.

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