Hidden Paradise

Hidden Paradise


Creating a resort-style outdoor living space with bamboo couldn’t be easier

Throughout Asia, where it is widely used as a building material, bamboo has long been regarded as practical, beautiful and eco-friendly. Bamboo forests are fast growing and self renewing. They require no fertilisers or chemical sprays to keep them healthy and productive and when dried correctly bamboo forms a very hard wood which is both light and exceptionally tough. For these reasons, bamboo is now highly sought after worldwide as a natural alternative to plantation timbers. Bamboo Habitat offers a varied range of bamboo and reed screens to suit all tastes and budgets.

Choose from robust, chunky styles through to finer, thinner options. Some have added features such as strong coconut fibre string or a cut-out design perfect for seeing through into a secret garden. Whatever the design, all are made from natural materials and have an earthy, timeless quality. What is more, the screens are easy to install.

To ensure longevity and good looks, all bamboo screens with a large pole diameter are strung together with 3mm galvanised internal wire. The Tropical Reed screens are strung together with a thinner external stainless steel wire.

Use these screens to transform old fences, construct private outdoor living spaces, conceal unsightly objects and create shaded sanctuaries in your garden. By cladding an existing metal or timber fence, or constructing a purpose-built fence, you can create a ‘soft’ tropical-style backdrop for plants, statues and water features.

To give your garden that all-important finishing touch, Bamboo Habitat has an extensive range of garden décor. To create your own tropical island-style paradise choose from authentic Balinese gazebos, modern shade solutions, hand carved stone garden art, water features, daybeds and more.

Also ask about their new stylish stacked merbau timber wall cladding if you are after a touch of glamour. It is easy to install and will give your garden a unique look that will set it apart from the rest.

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