Systems, Flooring and Benchtops

Systems, Flooring and Benchtops
Systems, Flooring and Benchtops
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An exciting new product line in flooring and benchtops allows home builders and renovators to create a stylish, seamless surface

Granicrete Australia recently launched itself into the Australian flooring and benchtop industry with the backing of well-established Granicrete International. The company is able to combine the excitement of a new product line with innovative techniques not seen before in the industry.

Granicrete specialises in no-grout flooring and seamless Granicrete benchtops. The beauty of this system is that, in most cases, it can go over existing laminate benchtops and floors such as tile, wood and concrete. No-grout flooring is a superb alternative to traditional tile, where grout lines can collect dirt and require regular cleaning and sealing.

A monolithic look provides a harmonious appearance while at the same time making small spaces look larger, with smooth transitions between rooms. The Granicrete benchtop system is a perfect way to renovate in addition to being a great choice for a new home. This system is a smart alternative to porous surfaces such as granite and marble at a much more affordable price.

In addition to these two staple products, Granicrete creates and installs waterfalls, feature walls, barbecues and retaining walls using Granicrete International’s patented 3D building system products. Granicrete has created and installed customised solutions for waterfalls and landscaping features for various clients, ranging from discerning homeowners to car dealerships and shopping malls.

The core products are highly specialised, lightweight concrete and acrylic cements that have been professionally created and engineered. The finished flooring product is slip-resistant and meets required safety standards. In addition, Granicrete Australia has an extensive selection of colorants not previously available in Australia. Epoxy and specialised pearl essence powders are also used to provide magnificent floors that are a break from tradition.

Thanks to the versatility of these products and the endless possibilities in colours, textures, patterns, stains and finishes, each customer is assured of a one-of-a-kind outcome. The flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas and has proved to be warm on the feet, durable and easy to clean. Vertical surfaces are not ignored as the Granicrete system is a creative way to enhance showers and bathrooms.

Granicrete Australia has certified installers in most capital cities in Australia and is dedicated to the continued training of existing and new installers to ensure quality, consistency and knowledge-sharing of new techniques. Contact the company for a no-obligation quote and to see a variety of samples from which to base your custom creation. With your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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