New Home Shop’s Buy Back Guarantee: lock in your contract price and minimise your risk!


A current issue with contracting your home build at the same time as your land package is the delay that occurs between signing your contract, and titling of the land

Today, this time lag can be as much as a year, or even more. If you contract the house at the same time, you are up for fees which many builders apply after a set contractual period. If you don’t contract, then you are susceptible to any price rises the builder may choose to apply until you do!

Plus, what happens if you are waiting for your land to title, but your circumstances change and you no longer want to proceed?

What if you could:

-lock in a construction price for the next 18 months – at no extra cost?

-change your mind; if you decide not to go ahead, you don’t have to.

Introducing the New Home Shop Buy Back Guarantee

If you purchase an approved house and land package through New Home Shop; the contract price is locked in for 18 months from signing.*

If, up to 3 months before the block titles, you advise that you don’t want to proceed for any reason,

New Home Shop will:

-arrange another purchaser to take over your land contract

-rescind your building contract and refund you all but $2,500 of your deposit.

How’s that for a low risk way forward into the property market?

If you’re thinking of house and land, why take a risk?

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