Flexible Arrangements

Flexible Arrangements
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Galley-style kitchens offer a unique sense of order and subsequent calm, and none is a better example than this one from Provincial Kitchens. Its comforting parallel lines are awash with natural light, offering the dual benefits of an inviting and productive space. What prevents the room from appearing overly regimented is the mobile island, which provides an element of flexibility to the otherwise highly organised design. Crafted in the same style as the stationary benches — hand-painted Tasmanian oak cabinetry, bale handles and Bianco Romano granite top — it is in keeping with its surrounds no matter where it is positioned.

This continuity maintains the flawless aesthetic of the room, which in turn complements the tranquillity of the home as a whole. Its stunning exterior may be what projects this peaceful image but its functional design is what makes it a breeze to work in. Measures were taken to ensure maximum use of space, with Blum inner drawers in the pantry and a Le Mans lazy susan installed in the corner for optimum storage. The basic layout of the kitchen is another practical asset and its quick, clean finishes, such as the Spanish tile splashback, keep the room from ever becoming a chore. Provincial Kitchens has produced a remarkable galley kitchen that proves order and flexibility are not mutually exclusive; this room emphasises both with wonderful results.

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